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throw your heart to the crows not the vultures

summer clothes

23 May

when i get my own place to live im going to buy the really expensive extra soft tissues and ill wedge my bed up against a great window and maybe i can feel less gravity

kennedy. seize. often ends up with wickhams rather than darcys. wants to climb inside of tilda swintons closet and live there.music.books.movies.tv

Stylesheet by refuted

aaden gosselin, advertising as art, amy winehouse's beehive, amy's icecream, ancient civilizations, angel soft hair, anything epic, art, au bella, austin scarlett, austin tx, avoiding cilantro, bad words, balloon animals, barack or bust, batman over spiderman, being a party animal, being fabulous 24/7, buster and the sheep, butter chicken, camp big canoe, chandler bing, chase's hair, chloe, cillian murphy's dazzling eyes, coco chanel, comfy chairs, daine the wildmage, daydreaming, dreaming, dwight's many concealed weapons, epic spontaneous dance parties, escher, everything but country, fanfiction, fantastic fashion, finding crack in twilight, fresh entertainment weeklys, gala darling, gemini mating habits, getting lost in books, getting new music, gilmore girls, glitz and glamour, goat cheese, gob, good hair days, growing up cullen, grudge the hamster, gushing over m.a.c. cosmetics, hating bella swan, hello kitty appliances, holy cheesefries batman, house's brazen attitude, house's stubble, house-isms, ikea, intense minesweeper benders, jackson rippner, jamie oliver, kanye west's gargantuan ego, kappamaki, karl lagerfeld, kissing, listening to music, literature, luke's diner, lush cosmetics, mac vs pc ads, making fiends, making polyvores for friends, man ray, marc jacobs, marie antoinette icons, mendhi, miu miu, mocking corny movies, mocking twilight, musical orgasms, my vitamix blender, naps, northern european countries, not playing guitar hero, nubby twiglet, numair salmalin, packing peanuts, pb&j sandwiches, personalized condoms, playing hide and seek, prada, princeton-plainsboro teaching hospital, purple, rachel mcadams, reading, richard branson, rodarte, ron and hermione, salvador dali, san francisco, sarcasm, schrute farms, sid & nancy, sleeping, sliding socks on hardwood, smells that trigger memories, spaghetti cat, spending hours in sephora, spunk ransom, staying hydrated, street fashion, styrofoam doll houses, summers of epic proportions, synesthesia, tamora pierce's cats, temporary tattoos, that book+coffee smell, that minty fresh feeling, the bluths, the word alchemy, the word apothecary, the word coagulate, tictacs, tim gunn, whole foods bag boys, wilson's mad cooking skills, writing, zac posen